Pixeo Consulting offers services
which generate more money online.

On-Site SEO Optimization

As Google gets smarter at finding the best results for their users, so too your website must be optimized for what users truly want when they land on your site. It requires a great deal of trial and error to know exactly what the right balance of selling your services and providing help without seeming too pushy. I know how to find this perfect front to your online real estate with the proper SEO techniques.

Paid Traffic

The current cost of paid traffic is never going to be cheaper again. There has never been a better time to buy ads over Google, Facebook or even Bing. We have run multiple paid campaigns worth 100's of thousands of dollars for our clients. The benefits of running simultaneous organic and paid campaigns are undeniable. Let us show you our short term strategies coupled with long term paid marketing.

Content Marketing

Nowadays the only way to keep people focused on your business is to tell them a story. Injecting the human element requires a balance of context and pacing. In order to develop a trusted brand, you have to convince customers of your human side. I provide native speaker SEO content for your site and online marketing which gets results and builds trust which you can rely on to improve your bottom line.

A considerable effort has been made to maximize every month's results. While the chart above is not an actual guarantee of increased sales, it is a fair representation of what our clients experience after signing on with us.

My results speak for themselves.

Client Investment

On average our clients see 3X their fees in ROI.

While I cannot guarantee SEO results, I have had considerable success with my sharpened marketing formula in multiple sectors and with various budgets. Check out an SEO case study