How to Hire an SEO Client

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No, you didn’t read that wrong.

This post is going to describe how to go about hiring the perfect SEO Client.

There are some common misconceptions about how SEO consultants work and where their value lies. This article will show how the SEO is thinking about you, the client.

Perhaps it will lead to a better understanding of what SEOs can do to increase your business online and what you need to understand before hiring an SEO for yourself.

But first, a nice graphic to explain the value proposition we are talking about:

organic vs paid search


This graph kind of tells the story but it’s probably a bit convoluted for the uninitiated. Just think about it like this:

SEO is expensive but imagine how expensive not getting new customers can be.

You need to realize that SEO is a process which takes at minimum six months to achieve any meaningful results.

Most clients have specific ideas in mind about how long it should take. There are some SEOs who will promise instant results. They are either lying or practicing risky blackhat techniques, buyer beware!

Consider the following tips and ask yourself, is the SEO you are speaking to now thinking with these ideas in mind when they perform triage on your online business?

Helpful Tips for Hiring an SEO Client

  1. Don’t give more than necessary for free. This weeds out the tire kickers and allows you to devote more time to those who are serious about growing their business online.
  2. In the initial consultation provide clear examples demonstrating where their top 2 competitors are kicking their asses.
  3. At the outset, it’s ok to Charge for valuable services. Even if they are not at your full capabilities they are important to establish trust and value to a prospective client. Don’t let them walk over you with their promises of further business down the line. A roadmap for their business is worth as much as any link you build or any 404 you fix.

Important interview questions to Hiring an SEO Client

1.What is your budget for this project?

Often times clients have no idea what they are willing to spend. Require at least this much reflection before proceeding with them. If they want to start by negotiating rather than discussing their needs, it might be a warning sign that they are not ready yet to work with an SEO consultant.

2. When are you ready to start this project?

This will create a sense of purpose for both you and the prospective client. When is this going to happen and how long will it take? Only good things can come from asking this.

3. Are you the one who decides about these types of things at your company?

Obviously, if you are speaking to the owner, it’s the wrong question to ask. Maybe, “Is there anyone else involved in deciding how to hire an SEO consultant?” You’ll get a sense if they are fully committed to hiring someone or looking to pass the buck in order to give a polite, “No” to your offer.

4. What is the lifetime value of a new customer?

Some clients might find this a too direct question and will be taken aback but a serious client who understands your value will see it as an opportunity to imagine how much more they can make if they had more customers on their website. Watch their behavior for the answer here, this is a key to determining who is an ideal long-term partner.

5. Why do they buy from you and not your competitors?

Perhaps a bit antagonistic but clients will need to understand the value proposition in their own business if you are going to be able to leverage their strengths and lessen the exposure of their weaknesses in searcher intent.

Other questions to bring to the table when interviewing your prospective client include:

  • What do they buy next?
  • What is the value difference between an organic search lead and an email marketing lead?
  • Who is growing faster than you?

The obvious follow up to any of these questions is “why?” 

With this mindset going into any meeting with a new client will demonstrate your professionalism and probably grant them unexpected value by exploring the most difficult questions in their business. They might not hire you but they will leave the meeting all the richer for it.

Don’t underestimate your value and make sure you are seeking the best SEO client for YOUR business. The highest paying isn’t always the best opportunity for your SEO business to grow.


lead gen funnel costs

How to Manage Costs in Lead Gen Funnels

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Although I primarily focus on content marketing, on-site optimization and linkbuilding for my clients. There are excellent cost-effective opportunities in generating leads on your sites by using paid ads on the main pay per click platforms online. Used in conjunction with organic search techniques, the one-two punch ensures that your business will see fast and steady gains in customer acquisition.

Here are some very important tips to keep in mind when managing costs in your lead gen efforts.

First, some general ideas about your landing pages.

Tips to increasing your click-through rate for paid campaign funnels


  • This might be obvious but I have seen many times where the text on the landing page with the copy in the ad did not match! Any ad network which is cost-effective cares about this and spends a considerable amount of AI resources in ensuring that they are complementing what users are searching for.
  • HEADLINES ARE IMPORTANT. Make them memorable and informative.
  • Put the contact form as high on the landing page as possible. Making users scroll and scroll is kinda old hat and doesn’t give most educated consumers a feeling of integrity. Scarcity is important but not for gathering leads. That comes later when it’s time to convert them.
  • Minimize the number of lines of info required in the contact form. Less is more.
  • Just like in Organic search, page load speed is important in getting the lead to stay on the page. Don’t sabotage yourself with a free landing page server which doesn’t load fast enough to keep their interest.
  • If you are using a custom landing page make sure it’s responsive to mobile devices. If you are using a template service like Click Funnels, it will already have this functionality embedded so it won’t be anything you need to worry about.
  • As with your ads themselves, A/B test colors, text and layouts for your landing pages too. There are many theories about what works and what doesn’t but it’s just that, a bunch of theories. If everyone had the same results there would only be 1 website for each search. Think about it, people are complex creatures, especially when it comes to making purchases! Do you really know what makes buyers tick? Test and find out!


Ads should be cost effective and increase your click through rate

Specific tips for managing costs on Google Adwords and Bing

  • Set up your campaigns with a flexible structure but be sure of the target keywords before you begin.
  • Spend a considerable amount of time developing a negative keyword list to avoid irrelevant clicks. Junk search is probably the main problem with CPC and something you want to attack with total vigilance.
  • Create single keyword adgroups. This is an important part of making a flexible structure. You’ll discover more relevant keywords as your lead gen funnel and customer base develops.
  • Ad groups should be further refined to include different operators allowed such as: broad match, exact match, modified broad. Observe which ones perform best and ad additional budgets to those which outperform.
  • Bid modifiers should be adjusted according to time period, week and devices. You’ll find some ads work better at different times and days as well as mobile vs desktop.
  • Don’t ever start with the default bids in any ad network. Remember, these are automated auction systems, they are not designed to save you money but quite the opposite!
  • Adjust your network settings by trying display network, search, partners, etc. Although this requires a larger budget it is very instructive to know where you generate the best ROI for your CPC budget.
  • Optimizing ad copy to match your keyword list is perhaps the most important tip I can give you. You’ll receive a better quality ad score and the ad will be featured more prominently compared to competitors even if you bid less. So spend some time to work on the quality score until it’s above 90%.



facebook ads should be matched to their target demographic via GIPHY

Tips for managing CPC costs on the Facebook Ad Network

  • Ad image relevant to text copy is probably the most important element in increasing click-through rate. Facebook uses this as their primary way of measuring the quality of your ad for users on the social network.
  • Target as specific an audience as you can. In some cases, you’ll want to make multiple audiences.
  • Don’t use the audience network option as it will attract too many bots and click happy users who have no buying intent.
  • Explore retargeting options through Facebook pixel. Although a little time consuming to pay off, once you have a pixel which has a sufficient amount of traffic supporting it, you can create laser targeted audiences in your Facebook ads. Worth.the.time.
  • Update ad content as often as you can and test its effectiveness by making new ad sets to compare their performance.
  • Even though it probably costs a great deal more in terms of budget and time resources, video ads actually have lower CPC rates than graphics so try to leverage this aspect of the Facebook ad network if you can manage it.


Have any questions about the tips discussed in the article? Contact me by leaving a comment below or on social anytime. I love solving marketing problems with business owners online. I also have an excellent CPC calculator that I would love to share with you. Just message me and I’ll send it over.







Warm Leads

Warm Real Estate Leads

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Real Estate Lead Generation is probably one of the oldest forms of Internet Marketing in existence.

While the conversion rate is probably one of the lowest in online marketing at 4.4%, the upside is too large to ignore.


We’ve gone through some of the marketing funnels popular in the industry and we’ve seen which ones work and which ones really don’t work.

 But first, a warning about lead generation. 

Nowadays you have to be cautious about generating leads and selling them too. There is a litany of federal and state laws to be wary of.

Some privacy laws to stay clear of in generating real estate leads include:
  • No reselling leads of people who have opted-out
  • Don’t promote lenders who you are in relationships with
  • Stay in accordance with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Always be in compliance with Fair Lending Laws set forth by the SAFE Act

Types of Warm Leads that really convert


1.Facebook funnel lead generation.

Things required:

  • Landing page on your site (here are some free examples)
  • Lead capture form (see our form below)
  • Facebook page to run the campaign from
  • Visually appealing image for facebook
  • Ad budget
  • Split test at least two different images and ad copy for the Facebook ad.

2. Linked In Mail campaign

Things required:

  • Fully optimized personal profile that demonstrates your business acumen
  • Group loosely related to your business but hyper-focused on your location

  • Leverage the linked in built-in search function
  • Engagement with existing connections. (Time-consuming!)


In conclusion

Although Linked In does not offer inbound marketing opportunities in the same volume as Facebook, it does provide immediate feedback whether or not your efforts will convert. A healthy balance between these two powerful social networks should be employed whenever possible

Are you looking for Warm Real Estate Leads?

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