Marketing Strategies

Effective marketing strategies take on many forms. Depending on your company strengths there's an approach which suits your needs.

Content Focused

If you are a product evagenlist and genuinely believe in your business from the core of your being, you should be online in all possible formats. Video, blogging, guest posting, making strategic complementary partnerships. We know the roadmap to leverage your own strengths.

SEO Focused

Some businesses are naturally un-sexy while others like cryptocurrency marketing are red hot!. People don't really want to talk about the benefits of a good plumber until they absolutely need one. This is where SEO comes into play. Enabling your business to be well positioned by optimizing your website and building the correct links to it ensures that when someone does want to talk toilets, they will find you and not your competitor.

Keyword Research

It does not matter which approach you take. You need a solid vocabulary to build trust online. When we begin work with clients we do a quite personal interview about their business and their personality as a business owner/ manager. We discover hidden value in their lives and their business and we translate that into more online opportunities.

CRO Optimization

Short for conversion Rate Optimization. No matter how great your product is, people need help to decide how and when to buy it. When we roll-out your campaigns online, we use all the available data to know the habits of your customers. We discover their resistance to working with you and we optimize your branding so that these issues disappear.

On-Page Seo

There's a popular adage in the SEO community that if you kept an SEO from "improving" their client's websites, the majority of sites would increase their rankings by just leaving the site alone. Most SEOs are doing harm to your site because the very basics are not set up on your website properly. We know these issues and make them a priority so you are not another casualty.


No matter how good your content is, there is still a need to promote it. Nowadays you can't just buy banner ads on Yahoo search (oh the old days of the internet...) and wait for the traffic to roll in. You need to be subtle and strategic. Every message has an optimal position online. We know how to find this place for your brand and unique message.

When you become a client of Pixeoseo we don't bark orders, we listen and plan your future steps towards online success.