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Condo Real Estate SEO: 2018 Version

The landscape for Condo Real Estate SEO has never been more challenging than it is in 2018.

[su_box title=”Condo Real Estate Best Practices” color=”#3981F0″]Let’s cover the how the leading condo real estate sites in their areas are able to dominate the SERPS.[/su_box]


[su_box title=”Update!”]Check out the incredible opportunity created by tech in the blockchain industry which has transformed the real estate market into a DIY industry unlike ever before![/su_box]


[su_service title=”The Best Condo Real Estate Websites are making things personal.” su_service icon=”icon: home” icon_color=”#3981F0″][/su_service]Demonstrate local expertise with descriptions of unique areas and the subtle differences between the east side and the west side. Where things are going well and where they need improvement. This keeps people reading on the page and not clicking away. Be helpful instead of pushy on your real estate site at all times.

[su_service title=”Use customer testimonials about local sales for both buyers and sellers.” su_service icon=”icon: home” icon_color=”#3981F0″][/su_service] This is an often overlooked aspect of websites designed to get leads for real estate sales. Just because you have a great property for sale, it doesn’t mean they will call.

[su_service title=”Provide useful neighborhood info.” icon=”icon: home” icon_color=”#3981F0″][/su_service]Build links back to your business on supporting industries such as restaurants, pet groomers, electricians, housekeeping services and other helpful connections. You are not direct competition and if they happen to send a client your way, you can reward them with a shared commission. Not sure how to optimize  SEO outreach in the community with regards to your website? Check with an SEO real estate expert.

[su_service title=”Customize your IDX feed.” icon=”icon: home” icon_color=”#3981F0″][/su_service] Using a generic IDX will land you in a duplicate content problem with Google. Hire a custom programmer who understands CRO best practices. Invest your time in creating unique IDX listings on your real estate site. It will seem like an intense and costly endeavor but even a property you have long since sold or is no longer on the market can lead to other suggested properties which will have your phone ringing. Above all, keep an open mind when it comes to search engine techniques for online real estate search.

[su_service title=”Update your main pages frequently.” icon=”icon: home” icon_color=”#3981F0″][/su_service] Write articles, or outsource your copywriting, directly related to the concerns of existing clients. What questions are they asking? Answer them in multimedia format on your site and on other supporting sites.

[su_service title=”Constantly check your site for technical errors” icon=”icon: home” icon_color=”#3981F0″][/su_service]Broken links to pages which no longer exist, listings off-site which have been moved and bad reviews. Stay on top of these technical issues with a regular site audit.

real estate schema
Examples of meta description schema on a real estate search result.

[su_service title=”Apply schema in your meta descriptions ” icon=”icon: home” icon_color=”#3981F0″][/su_service] While this is a little advanced for non-savvy real estate agents, this is very useful in highlighting your reviews, relevant page links, and upcoming showings. This is perhaps one of the essential updates from years past in the real estate SEO niche. People who see markup respond at a significantly greater percentage than those sites which don’t employ schema.

These are some of the most important issues affecting condo sale websites when it comes to optimizing the site for SEO.

If you have any questions about how to get your site to the top of the rankings, give me a shout anytime. I truly enjoy the challenge of making your site a success!

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How to make an SEO Blog Post

Learn how to create a great SEO blog post with tips from the leaders in each of their respective niches. Our analysis of top SEO blogs, including Moz, Backlinko, and Search Engine Land, breaks down the key components of a winning blog post, from keyword-rich title tags and engaging intros to high-quality visuals and engagement icons.

 Enhance your content marketing strategy and build your brand by having a look at the seo structure of these well known seo blog pages..

Although you probably don’t have a great interest to be known in the SEO community, if we take a look at the leaders in SEO marketing, we can pick up a few excellent tips which you can apply no matter your target audience.

I have indexed the blogs covered in this article here for easier access:


Header | Title Tag  | Intro Paragraph | High Quality Video | High Quality Graphic | Engagement Icons

Header: includes an original graphic loosely related to the topic, the author attribution and the date.

Title Tag: The keyword-rich title along with multiple category tags for easy filtering (ideal for larger blogs).

Intro Paragraph: Clearly word the question and a small intro in what will follow. Also, the text color is easy to read but not too noticeable.

High-Quality Video: This in itself is the main reason the blog is so popular. The founder of Moz has a distinct presentation, and his appearance, not to mention his easy delivery style makes the blog a winner. You probably don’t have the budget of a Moz Blog but you can create simple videos to complement your posts.

high quality graphic notes from the moz blog

High-Quality Graphic: In this case, it is simply the “notes” of his presentation. But this alone makes the blog post essential. This is the essence of content marketing here. Creating something of long-lasting value that your audience or customers will find useful.

1. On-page thumbs up

2. Comments on the article 3. Sharing icons

Engagement Icons: Although these are often overused and perhaps slightly cumbersome to avid blog readers, they provide a necessary element of SEO bookmarking which provides social signals to the search engines that people are interested in this page. Don’t leave them off but don’t make them intrusive either.


Backlinko SEO Blog

These are the parts of a Backlinko blog post. Perhaps one of the easiest to read blogs on the internet.

Social Share BarClick Bait Title  | Attention Grabbing Intro | Modest Header| Strong Call to Action

blog layout for brian dean's seo blog

Social Share Bar: One of the most remarkable things about the Backlinko blog is how shareable the content is. granted this is because of the massive research budget and the people skills of Brian Dean but there is also an easily accessible share bar on every blog page.

Click Bait Title: Brian Dean is a master at getting people to click. But he uses a fairly well-traveled formula. he explains it as a hook technique (I can’t say much more as it is part of his paid course which is a real no-brainer for diving deep into white hat SEO techniques for building your brand online in 2017).

Attention Grabbing Intro: He uses a short sentence technique that works extremely well in our sound byte age of dopamine seeking eyeballs. Some even use the Hemingway app to help lighten things up a bit in their posts (I suffer from longer sentences as do most people in SEO).

Modest Header: While he’s never going to win any style awards. He follows the basic rules, inform and stimulate but don’t distract.

Strong Call to Action: With great content comes a desire for people to want to diver deeper into your world. Backlinko must get amazing conversions with their content. Adding an email or phone number call to action to your stronger blog posts or pages is a no-brainer these days.


Search Engine Land News

These are the parts of a Search Engine Land blog post. Many consider this the first source of news when Google leaks information it wants the world to know about.