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Guest Post

Startup Blog Guest Post

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A smaller blog placement clean of spam with a basic link back to your url of choice. $35 per 500 words with a single image (homepage url only)

Established Blog Guest Post

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An established blog will post an article of 350-500 words with a link of your choice. No spam niches allowed. The cost of this service is $65

Authority Blog Guest Post

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This is the really powerful form of guest posting where you are paying more for branding than lead gen opportunities. Sites like CNN, Forbes, Huffington Post. The links will earn you instant trust from Google and your clients. Prices start from $350 and placement can take up to 60 days.

On-Page Optimization

On-Page Tiered Services


On Page Seo Services

Site Speed Optimization

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Your site is probably not optimized for speed. Most templates are designed to look nice, not perform at blazing speed. We will optimize the site starting from $150 for 10 pages

Minor Content Revision

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We will ensure that basic SEO practices are implemented on this page to ensure google compliance. $20 per page.

Full Page Content Revision

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This will compare your page to the organic search leaders and insert the most effective keywords, meta data, schema and other essentials that google now expects for any site to gain in trust. This service runs $50 per page and does not include graphic redesign.

Done For You Content Service

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From the most effective keywords, the graphics on page, the content, tone of voice, and click rate optimization, this option is the best way to ensure your page is found on google for your customers to discover. Prices start from $75 per page.

Social Media Development

Social Media Tiered Service


Social Media Management

Scheduled Curated Content

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If you just want to keep your social media channel active but you don’t have the budget or need to generat leads, this is the best option. $50 per month for two daily posts per social platform.

Content For Engagement

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This service is designed to create engagement with your audience. From viral graphics and surveys. We ensure that there is activity on your social channel that your customers will feel a part of your brand. $150 per month per channel.

Complete Social Media Management

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Small businesses rely on interacting with their customers through social media. In addition to posting original engaging content, this service interacts with your customers as potential buyers deals with their after sales needs and helps grow the channel by adding followers. This service applies to one channel per monthly fee but bulk discounts are available $350.

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