Common SEO Questions

General Questions About SEO


Why Is SEO so complicated?
It’s not really. It is true that the formula for ranking a website is vastly complicated and a bit of a mystery. The techniques employed by most competent and experienced SEOs are quite straightforward and easy to follow. The problem is it takes an enormous amount of time to get up to speed on the best practices of the industry. That’s where I come in. I do this full-time and have helped many websites such as your own rank at the top of google.

SEO & SEM What is the difference?
Both are acronyms and refer to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). The easiest way to remember the difference is that SEM requires a paid ads component. The lines are increasingly blurred when you talk about what SEO actually is. Most SEO techniques require a paid compenent. Very few websites are willing to link back to your site unless you provide an invaluable service to their audience. Which, if you think about,
requires a considerable cost to begin with.

What is a featured snippet?
Google is now being used as a question databank. In order to optimize the user experience for everyone, they are taking answers directly off websites and posting them in the search results so you don’t even have to click through to the website. I try very hard to achieve this with all client sites as it guarantees a “position zero” ranking and helps with the authority of your website.

What is the difference between Google Analytics and Search Console?
While they are both free tools provided by Google to dive deeper into your website traffic, they seem to be managed by very different teams at Google. Basically, Google Analytics gives feedback on your website traffic from multiple sources like social media, organic search, email and others; while Search Console gives info about your traffic specifically from search results. Confusingly, your organic search results will not be consistent between the two reports. I have yet to see a satisfactory explanation why. Perhaps this is why 3rd party SEO tools are so popular nowadays.

My rankings dropped recently. What happened?
This is a common reason to seek out an experienced SEO. There are a host of reasons why your site rankings recently dropped. The most likely one is that you were doing something that Google didn’t like. I can provide a deep analysis of your site and get the bottom of what ails your website. My consultation rates are quite reasonable and I guarantee improvements based on my recommended course of action.

How long does it take to rank number 1?
Generally speaking, I can achieve target results within six months. If your site is new or has exceptional issues, it can take longer.Really, this depends entirely on your competitors. If you are a local contractor you have a much better chance at ranking for “best “contractor” in [your neighborhood] than you do for ranking for the whole city or even the state you are located in.

What are social signals?
Social Signals are an important part of getting your webpage indexed and trusted by Google’s search algorithm. Basically, Google can tell the difference between when you share your own content and others share your content. They do this by connecting your accounts to your web properties. When your content is shared by someone other than yourself and then that persons share is engaged (reshared, commented, liked) then you have a social signal. The more social signals the more valid your content is to Google. We can generate social signals through multiple means. Please contact us to learn more. [your neighborhood] than you do for ranking for the whole city or even the state you are located in.

Do you know any SEO jokes?

I do actually.


Questions About Me

Do you charge by the hour?
In most cases, I charge by the month but there are exceptions.Sometimes I am contracted by larger organizations that already have their own SEO on-staff. I can consult with this person and the team who oversees them and provide a detailed course of action. When performing in such a capacity I charge by the hour depending on the specific needs of the client.
Can I just buy backlinks from you?
You sure can! I offer links to all kinds of websites and for all different purposes. If you just need guest posts to establish some credibility with the search engines, I can provide that. If you need a more comprehensive set of backlinks I can set up a network of sites that link to you. And if you need a press release, I also offer this service. Contact me first if you are unsure what kinds of links you need for your website.
What are your qualifications?
In addition to successfully ranking many websites for clients, I have worked in digital agency environments in both the US and Vietnam over the past five years. I am also a Google Certified Partner in Analytics. I have completed two comprehensive SEO courses at Clickminded and GotchSeoAcademy. I am a voracious reader of the latest SEO techniques and network with leading SEO consultants. I love the game and genuinely want to help my clients succeed in ranking their business online.