Done for You SEO Solutions for Entrepreneurs

SEO for Small Businesses

Our small expat entrepreneur SEO plan offers a done-for-you solution utilizing AI technology to maximize your website’s visibility to potential customers.

Small Site Solutions:

  • AI-powered on-site optimization (speed, meta data, schema, contact data)
  • Google Analytics and Search Console property setup 
  • Basic backlink building using AI algorithms
  • Social mentions on Reddit or social media with AI support
  • Starting at $800
small expat website seo

From $800

Our AI-integrated expat business package includes content, link building, and paid search for optimal results.
small expat seo wireframe

Medium Sized Expat Business

Our medium-sized expat entrepreneur SEO plan offers the basic package, plus additional efforts towards:

  • AI-integrated niche content for your blog
  • Comprehensive link building with AI support
  • Basic paid search to increase brand awareness with AI optimization
  • Starting at $1500

This plan is our bread and butter and we have results to prove it.

From $1500

Many websites already know what they want to achieve but they lack the direction to achieve it. Spend some time with me and let an experienced set of eyes approach your SEO struggles with a fresh of search goggles.

I realize some clients don’t need an ongoing solution. They just need their marketing battleship pointed in the right direction. I love self-directed clients and welcome them on an hourly basis for very reasonable rates. Nobody knows your business better than you!

Custom Outreach

Our custom outreach SEO service uses AI outputs to establish legitimate authority for your brand online.

What we offer:

  • AI-powered prospecting of target sites
  • AI-generated content for placement
  • Keyword-optimized backlinks with  assistance
  • AI-supported email outreach
  • Starting at $500
email outreach

From $500

SEO Link building is the most time consuming and complicated process for many small and medium size online entrepreneurs.  Thanks to the power of and their chat GPT 3.5 this is now available for a very affordable fee. 

SEO Expert

Marc Spindel

Our AI-powered solution simplifies the time-consuming and complicated process of link building for small and medium-sized online entrepreneurs. Get your SEO handled with our done-for-you solution.

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