Warm Real Estate Leads

Real Estate Lead Generation is probably one of the oldest forms of Internet Marketing in existence.

While the conversion rate is probably one of the lowest in online marketing at 4.4%, the upside is too large to ignore.


We’ve gone through some of the marketing funnels popular in the industry and we’ve seen which ones work and which ones really don’t work.

[su_highlight]But first, a warning about lead generation.[/su_highlight]

Nowadays you have to be cautious about generating leads and selling them too. There is a litany of federal and state laws to be wary of.

[su_box title=”Some privacy laws to stay clear of in generating real estate leads include: ” color=”#3a80f1″]

  • No reselling leads of people who have opted-out
  • Don’t promote lenders who you are in relationships with
  • Stay in accordance with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Always be in compliance with Fair Lending Laws set forth by the SAFE Act


Types of Warm Leads that really convert


1.Facebook funnel lead generation.

[su_list icon=”icon: angle-right” title=”things needed” icon_color=”#3a80f1″]

Things required:

  • Landing page on your site (here are some free examples)
  • Lead capture form (see our form below)
  • Facebook page to run the campaign from
  • Visually appealing image for facebook
  • Ad budget
  • Split test at least two different images and ad copy for the Facebook ad.


2. Linked In Mail campaign

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Things required:

  • Fully optimized personal profile that demonstrates your business acumen
  • Group loosely related to your business but hyper-focused on your location

  • Leverage the linked in built-in search function
  • Engagement with existing connections. (Time-consuming!)



In conclusion

Although Linked In does not offer inbound marketing opportunities in the same volume as Facebook, it does provide immediate feedback whether or not your efforts will convert. A healthy balance between these two powerful social networks should be employed whenever possible

Are you looking for Warm Real Estate Leads?

We have spots available in your county or neighboring county nationwide. Fill out our basic form below and we will get back to you right away. Or if you don’t have time to wait you need leads now, message me on facebook and let’s get you smiling and dialing today.



What Our Leads Can Promise You

No double dipping (all leads are instant and sent to you in real time)

Our leads are compliant with personal privacy laws

These leads are exclusive to your business and your region

Home buyers are qualified by demographics

The warm leads you receive are geo-targeted to your county

Our qualification process ensures these are MOTIVATED buyers



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